Yes you can Still sell your home!


Yes you can Still sell your home!

Yes, you can still sell your home!

"Sometimes changed market conditions can bring about opportunity! Sometimes that opportunity isn’t obvious to see? You just have to think a little differently to everyone else!"

It is really important everyone knows real estate transactions are still happening! 

Sure things are different in line with federal social distancing restrictions put in place in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. But SGC Realty have adapted fast to these changing conditions! It is important to know that real estate hasn’t stopped, we were in a booming market prior to this virus. Clearly things have changed now and it is more important than ever to Select the right agent and the correct strategy for the sale of your home.

I can meet with you to appraise your home

Obviously adhering to the social distancing restrictions, I am happy to come to your home confidentially and offer my thoughts and suggestions to help you. Alternatively, we can utilize video technology and my market experience to discuss selling strategies remotely. I live and work on the Southern GC, I know the area well, you can walk me through your home, it’s a good starting point.

Buyers can still inspect

Open homes are banned but private inspections are still happening.
I discuss the property in depth with the buyer before arranging an inspection at a suitable time for my owners and the buyer. A few carefully worded questions ensuring buyer suitability to the property and their ability to purchase! If the interested buyer is a likely buyer for your home, then we actually know before the inspection that it is from a party with strong interest!
Of course Sanitizer and encouragement to keep their hands in pockets! We can also utilize virtual tours for new listings coming on. These strategies are ever evolving as the situation develops, i am always thinking of opportunistic ways to make the process smooth!

Building and pest inspectors, solicitors and banks are all working and removalists are still on the job as well! To assist potential sellers more we have also put together a comprehensive sellers guide, see the link here. 

Sellers Guide